The 2nd Inno-Luxury summit 2012

  • The 2nd Inno-Luxury summit 2012

CMH School, through its corporate blog Luxury Must is proud to announce its second participation as media sponsor to the China Inno Luxury Summit 2012: a must attend event to grap greater insight about best practices for luxury brands in this thrilling market!

2012 will be an important year for China, as the 18th National People’s Congress will be held. In response to the Congress, “Change” will be the key word for China’s luxury market in 2012.

China’s luxury market is one of the most promising for luxury products consuming (predicted growth rate by 20 % a year) and China’s role in the global luxury market is becoming increasingly significant (2nd luxury market by 2014). Thus, among the burning issues to be covered by the Inno-luxury Summit :

  • What will the future luxury tax policy look like?
  • How will the attitude of the Chinese Government vary towards the luxury industry in the next 10 years?
  • How will the new official economic strategy affect the domestic luxury market?
  • Where do the new opportunities lie in China’s luxury market?


The China Luxury Summit gathers world decision makers in China and provides a platform for sharing insights regarding the influences that China may bring to the global luxury market.
The strong growth in China’s luxury market also led the nation to become very competitive internationally. How can a company successfully operate its business in China and differentiate from others simultaneously?

Based on strong supports from the world top management, the Inno-luxury Summit is able to provide you with the most pragmatic business solutions at the operational level regarding the markets in China and the other emerging countries.