• CLADEA 2014
  • Xavier Trias – Mayor of Barcelone
  • Javier Solana – President Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics
  • Alfred Vernis, lecturer of ESADE, Michael Chu – lecturer of Harvard Business School
  • Michael Chu – lecturer of Harvard Business School
  • Elsa del Castillo – President Elect of CLADEO , José Manuel Gonzales – President Directeur General de Bimbo Iberia, Javier Santiso, Economics lecturer of ESADE, Jaime Guardiola, Sabadell bank adviser
  • Awards ceremony for PhD students

49th Annual Meeting - September 2014 Barcelona
Liderando en un mundo global Latinoamerica y Europa, nuevas conexiones !

CLADEA annual conference was held at the prestigious school ESADE in Barcelona and theme was the relationship between Latin America and Europe: New connections in a global world!

How to create new exchange gateways, strengthen ties, to grow in a world that continues to globalize and to meet the needs of each country.

CLADEA is an association of schools in Latin American that comprises of members around the world. It is an amazing platform that allows the link between institutions and meets the challenge for years to come!

Roberto SOLANO President of CLADEA presented the possibility for collaboration between universities and institutions and new models of partnerships.

Monsieur Xavier TRIAS, Mayor of BARCELONA warmly welcomed the delegations in a city that he wants to be innovative, inspiring and where life is good!

It is an opportunity for IEMI/CMH to meet its partner from UPAEP Puebla represented by Herberto Rodriguez Regordosa, Vice President for Research and Graduate programs.