2012 Hospitality School Award winner

  • 2012 Hospitality Award winner
  • Georges Panayotis President, Founder & CEO, MKG Group
  • Simon Vincent Président Hilton Europe
  • Angela Brav Chief Executive Officer IHG
  • Alain Hermelin & Gabriel Juan Escarrer  CEO Melia Hotel
  • Philippe Monteaubin – Novotel IBIS - Dubai
  • Kurt Ritter – Past President – Rezidor Hotel Group
  • Les finalistes
  • Carlos Carvajal – Openways - Paris Nicolas Mercier – Docomo Intertouch – Singapore
  • Gilles Gonzalez Directeur Franchise Accor
  • Remise des Trophées
  • Alain Hermelin & Simon Vincent - Hilton
  • Alain Hermelin & Georges Panayotis - MKG
  • Alain Hermelin & Marc Feller – Kempinski - Geneva
  • Alain Hermelin & Pierre Ferchaud

Congratulations to CMH!

CMH received the Worldwide Hospitality School Award winner 2012 for "Pedagogical innovation" for the second time!

2012 winner of Hospitality Award - Pedagogical innovation

The CMH wishes to prepare students for their future job search by teaching them the necessary skills needed to create their e-reputation on the internet, today’s new recruitment channel.

“Flip the Job Search”

Liz CRAIG – Oneglobenetwork, CMH Faculty MemberLiz CRAIG – Oneglobenetwork
CMH Faculty Member - Project conceptor

"Currently hotels and hotel groups are rolling out digitally delivered services such as iPads hotel guide offered in WiFi enabled limos or a digital concierge, which can transfer desired info directly to your guests’ handheld device. Hotels and Hotel Groups seek employees that are at once familiar with tech platforms and comfortable with delivering hospitality services via web based devices.”


CMH innovative approach to workforce preparedness is :

  • Coursework that certifies students’ Net Literacy skills – capability to work on Net based platforms
  • Class exercises that progress students’ understanding of digital service expectations with today’s connected customers and online marketing methods

CMH Flip the jobWe think that we are closing the gap : after many surveys done through conversations with hoteliers, OTA professionals and online community all revealed a generation gap – hoteliers could not articulate their hiring criteria effectively for the ’next generation’s skills and at the same time graduating students could not demonstrate effectively their proficiency in the ’next generation’ requirements. This gap is filled at the CMH!


The presentation of the awards was held on Monday, 12 November 2012 at the Intercontinental Le Grand hotel – Paris-Opéra

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