MBA in International Luxury Management - Bac+5

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The luxury industry is a key economic sector at international level in France, the country of Art and Culture!

The French luxury remains the ultimate luxury model with its authenticity and creativity, know-how and it is an ambassador of our lifestyle, history, expertise and sophistication.

Program in 1 year (after Bac+4/5)

The growth in luxury is based primarily on the conquest of new markets, travel development, new products for the growing customers, and online distribution. The luxury sector continues to offer diverse products and presents significant growth opportunities for years.

The MBA in International Luxury Management program meets the needs of professionals in the luxury sector who are seeking excellence.

Taugh exclusively in English, this MBA in International Luxury Management course provides students with necessary skills to become experts in this sector by combining fashion and haute couture, jewellery and watches, luxury travel and tourism, upscale hotels and Palaces, wines and spirits, gastronomy culinary arts and art de la table. It is intended for enthusiastic and passionate professionals who are facing growing challenges because of the impact of new technologies and social media.


MBA Program - Core Courses

  • International Marketing & management du luxe
  • Audit & Taxes
  • Supply chain management
  • Business Law
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • Reputation Management in luxury business
  • Online Luxury Business Development
  • Project Management dans le luxe
  • Sustainable development in luxury
  • Innovation management in luxury

Specializations & Specializations in geostrategic field


  • Luxury Goods & Services
  • Luxury Fashion & Retail Management
  • Health & Spa Management
  • Management de l’Art & Culture
  • Etiquette & Protocol

Specializations in geostrategic field

  • International Business in Luxury Industry
  • International Market / Making Business with :
    • Asia / China / Japan / India
    • Russia & Eastern Countries
    • South & Central Americas
    • Canada & USA
    • Australia & New-Zealand
    • Gulf countries

Personal Development

  • Individual Coaching
  • • Non verbal communication
  • Epanouissement personnel
  • Media Training
  • Leadership development
  • Career Development Seminar

Professional Workshops

Workshops & Conferences / Master class

European seminars

Brussels / London / Milano / Antwerp / Geneva

International business seminar / Global Tour

Specialized seminars

Jewelry / Watchmaking / Gems / Wines and spirits

Consultancy project & professional thesis

Depending on the specializations - 6 mois
European Union, Eastern Countries, Asia, America, Gulf Countries

MBA in International Luxury Management

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Luxury Goods & Services

Luxury Goods and Services Management

  • Luxury Goods & Services Markets
  • Marketing of luxury Goods & Services
  • Luxury Services
  • Types of goods
  • CRM & Client Database Management
  • Communication for Luxury Goods & Service
  • Luxury Legal Environment
  • Sustainable luxury development


  • Market research & Wine Business
  • Oeno-Tourism
  • International Wines & Spirits
  • Wine Marketing
  • Legal aspects

Restaurant Business

  • Theme Restaurants
  • Restaurant Law
  • Banquet Sales Techniques
  • Restaurant Marketing techniques
  • Catering Management
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Restaurant implementation
  • Gastronomy & Gourmet Food
  • Arts of the Table

Communication & New media for Luxury Goods & Services

  • Advertising, Media, E-Marketing
  • Public Relations / Press Relations & Events Communication
  • E-Marketing in Luxury Industry
  • Website & Web-Tv for Luxury Goods & Services
  • New applications in Luxury Industry


Luxury Fashion & Retail Management

Fashion Management

  • Fashion Marketing & Merchandising
  • Fashion Management
  • Small Business Management
  • The international Fashion System
  • Fashion Sales Management
  • Case studies : Armani – Versace – Bulgari – Ferragamo
  • Fashion Fundamentals
  • Fashion Show Production
  • Website & Web-Tv for Luxury Fashion
  • Retail Management

Interior Design

  • Fashion Tendencies in Hospitality
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Environmental Design
  • Interior Detailing
  • Office Design
  • Basics of Interior Design

Retail Management

  • Budgeting for Retail Operations
  • Strategic Forcasting
  • Retail Marketing
  • Sales Team Management
  • Luxury Sales Techniques
  • Implementation of a luxury Boutique
  • Luxury Distribution
  • Buying & Retail


Health & Spa Management

PA and Resort Management

  • SPA Management
  • Intenational Hotel Chains
  • Fitness - Beauty
  • Entertainement Management
  • Interior Design for the Spa Industry
  • Branding in Cosmetics for the Spa Industry

Health Management

  • Psychology
  • Personal Coaching
  • Social Marketing
  • Public and Private Health Systems
  • Health Law


Art & Culture Management

Art Market Management

  • Luxury Brands and Service Management
  • Communication in the Art Market
  • Events Communication
  • History of Art
  • Objects and Styles through Time
  • Exhibition Organization

Cultural Management

  • Economical and Political Current Events of Culture
  • Cultural Project Management
  • Festivals and Shows
  • Cultural Events Organization
  • Cultural Mediation
  • Talents Management
  • Communication for Cultural Management

Heritage Management

  • Heritage Promotion
  • Sponsorship and Patronage
  • International Heritage
  • Taxes - Transmission
  • Succession - Donation
  • Creation of Foundation and Association


Geostrategic Specializations

 Geostrategic specialisations

International Business in Luxury Industry

Making Business with or implementation of a business or filiale …

  • Russian & Eastern Countries Business
  • Asian / China / Japanese Business
  • South and Central American Business
  • Indian Business
  • Gulf Countries : Saudi Arabia / Bahrain / UAE / Kuwait / Oman / Qatar
  • Canada & USA
  • Australia & New-Zealand

For each geographic areas, we will see:

  • Culture, History & Political Structures
  • Economical & Juridic Environment
  • Studies Markets
  • Corporate culture
  • Accounting & Financial Methods
  • Negotiations & Policies
  • Partnerships
  • Joint-Venture Strategies
  • Cultural Management & Organizational Behavior
  • Customer Behavior
  • Business Negotiations
  • Case Studies
  • Seminars & Workshop
  • Foreign Language : all levels


Entrepreneurship incubator

Incubator in Hospitality & Luxury

The Incubator in Hospitality & Luxury helps you create, fund and grow your business in a sustainable way.

Our Group has always promoted an Entrepreneurial Spirit and many students create their business before the end of their studies.

We have designed the "Incubator in Hospitality & Luxury" for our MBA and Master of Arts students: a space where project leaders find ways to realize their ambitions in the areas of Hospitality and Luxury.

Objective :

  • To develop the entrepreneurial spirit,
  • To optimize creativity,
  • To refine analytical skills,
  • To develop effective decision making,
  • To identify and anticipate trends
  • To provide the necessary tools for the creation, management and business development of project.

The Incubator in Hospitality & Luxury Project helps you create, fund and grow your business in a sustainable way.

Master Class

Master Class

Lifestyle brands Management dans les BRICS

The purpose of this class is to explore the following features:

  • Experts’ opinions in the top end jewellery and watch making industries
  • Analyse the leaders’ approaches in these fields
  • Study real cases and acquire good practices
  • Learn how to develop an intercultural projects
  • Identify what is the DNA of a brand
  • Learn how to develop and nurture an exclusive clientele
  • Take into consideration the developments in the emerging markets

Management in fashion and design

The purpose of this class is to explore the following themes:

  • How to collaborate with the creative population and maintain our financial objectives
  • How to learn the best practices in the field to succeed in a competitive and international environment
  • Explore young creators visions and the niche market in luxury brands

This can be achieved with webinars, workshops and field trips to meet key actors in the field of fashion and design

Limited places – first come first served

New Media in Luxury business

The Trends lab aims to improve your KLOUT or e-influence by making you aware of the latest trends in the digital world, and to understand the strategic impact of this tool in the world of luxury. These are some of the tools used to acquire this knowledge:

  • Tricks and tips
  • Best practices for excellence
  • Tailored tools
  • Following key leaders
  • Case study analysis
  • Think-tank approach

Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and luxury brand management

"Creating my own brand". The purpose is to create your own brand. This implies key competences in planning such as creating a business plan, and understanding the various financial scenarios. There will be entrepreneurs’ examples to guide you. The goal is to create your business before you end your studies.


Consultancy Project & Professional thesis

Consultancy Project & Professional thesis Consultancy Project & Professional thesis

Management Training

Management trainings enable the participants to set up a consultancy project at European and International levels.

Projet de Consultance

The Consultancy Project and Professional Thesis

The consultancy project is the keystone of the e-MBA program. It is an opportunity for the e-MBA students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real and practical setting.

Our company partners benefit from the insight and involvement of the students. The consultancy project provides the company with an effective contribution in solving issues.

The students are assisted by a project manager, a real mentor who will supervise and lead the work and research. S/he will give relevant advice and ensure that academic requirements are met.

The consultancy project is an opportunity to reflect on specific issues, as the deciders are increasingly busy with daily business management. It is also a chance for the company to assess potential candidates and offer jobs directly after completion of the project.

Benefits for the e-MBA student

  • A real boost for the CV
  • Opportunity to be hired
  • Work directly with founders, CEOs, company executives
  • Use the analytical skills to develop and provide solutions
  • Put into practice the concepts and theories acquired during the program
  • Learn how to make recommendations for actions that can be implemented by the company

Professional thesis

The consultancy project is subject to the writing of a professional thesis related to the research. The professional thesis will be presented orally to a Jury.


Admissions Admissions

 Les critères

Titulaires d’un Bac + 4 / + 5 (Master 1/2) ou d'un diplôme des écoles de commerce ou diplôme étranger équivalent
Cadres selon validation des acquis professionnels et cadres confirmés

 La procédure

 Dossier de candidature :

  • Test d’admission avec épreuve de management et analyse de l’actualité économique
  • Test d’anglais ou score Toefl ou Gmat
  • Entretien de motivation avec présentation d’un projet professionnel.

Les candidats n’ayant pas de formation en Management, pourront se voir proposer un cycle complet ou partiel de cours pré-requis en : Economics, management, marketing, managerial accounting, English communication skills, management Information Systems

Les candidats n’ayant pas encore passé le TOEFL et le GMAT pourront s’y préparer durant leur cursus.




Conseil en orientation

Nous pensons qu’aider les participants à gérer leur carrière et développer leur personnalité, est une part essentielle du programme MBA. Durant leur cursus, les participants sont encadrés par des coaches spécialisés dans le développement personnel et la dynamique de groupe. Leurs buts identifier les carrières les mieux adaptées et définir les buts professionnels, établir des plans de carrière ; aider à l’élaboration des CV et lettres de motivation, préparer aux interviews, élaborer un plan de développement personnel, optimiser les potentialités personnelles et interpersonnelles.


Le Département Conseil Développement MBA vous aide à définir votre projet et à construire votre parcours professionnel tout au long de votre programme MBA, lors de votre recherche d’emploi, pendant votre thèse professionnelle et après votre MBA

Les conseils proposés et l’accompagnement pendant tout le temps de votre formation – départ en mission professionnelle, veille économique, recherche d’emploi – sont préparés lors des ateliers de formation :

  • Outils et techniques de recherche de mission et d’emploi,
  • CV et lettre de motivation
  • techniques d’entretien
  • entretiens individuels pour vous conseiller, définir votre projet, ciblage d’entreprise, développement marketing, remise à niveau des Cv type européen, et naturellement stratégie d’activité du réseau du Groupe

Career Development Seminars

Ces séminaires ont pour but d’amener les participants à mieux se positionner, notamment au niveau de leurs aspirations personnelles et professionnelles :

  • faire le point sur ses expériences professionnelles
  • s’auto-évaluer : qualités et compétences, savoir-faire, résistance au stress et conflit
  • mieux comprendre sa personnalité et le type de carrière qui lui convient
  • identifier les buts à long terme afin de gérer sa carrière en conséquence
  • commencer à développer un plan d’action à long et à moyen terme pour atteindre ses objectifs
  • identifier les comportements face au stress, à la pression et aux changements

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

International Hospitality Management

These are the types of jobs you could hold in this industry:

Hotel Manager, Spa center Manager, Marketing Manager, Advertising, Communication, Public Relations, Administration & Finance, Human Resources, Sales or Purchasing in Hospitality industry, F&B, Seminars and Banquet Organizer, Travel Organizer, Hotel/ Restaurant Consultant, etc.

International Luxury Brands Management

These are the types of jobs you could hold in this industry:

Development Director of a Luxury Brand, Luxury Hotel Manager, Spa center Manager, Luxury boutiques Manager, Marketing Manager, Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Administration & Finance, Human Resources, Sales or Purchasing in Luxury Industry, Events Organizer in the field of Luxury Brands, Luxury Travel Organizer, Brands Manager, Management /Marketing Consultant in the Luxury, etc.

International Tourism Management

These are the types of jobs you could hold in this industry:

Tourism Development Manager in Territorial Authorities (collectivities), Tourism Office Manager, Hotel Manager, Spa center Manager, Marketing Manager, Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Administration & Finance, Human Resources, Sales or Purchasing in a hotel or a touristic establishment, Events Organizer, Travel Organizer, Management / Marketing Consultant in Tourism Sector, Tourism Development Project Manager, Tourism Products Head of Marketing, Local or Departmental Tourism development manager, etc.

Communication & Public Relations

These are the types of jobs you could hold in this industry:

Marketing Manager, Communications, Advertising, Public Relations, Press Officer, Promotional events Organizer, Communication Agency Manager, Trade Fair and Trade Show Organizer, Communication Project Manager, Merchandising Supervisor, Business Journalist, Communication Consultant, etc.


Tuition fees

Frais d'études Tuition fees 2018 - 2019 - MBA

1-year MBA program
annual fees 12 000 € * 

Possibility of payment in several instalments

* The fees for MBA includes:


  • The course materials in all forms
  • Access to CMH Connect, our intranet system and Hosco, a platform that links students with Hotels, Tourism and specialized companies in the field of Luxury, Events and Communication
  • Implementation of personalized relationship to work-based learning, s internships, Management training and employment in France and abroad
  • Access to our WEBTV for the realisation of CV video
  • Campus languages: Learning two foreign languages and the possibility of a third among seven foreign languages offered at all levels: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
  • CPC test(Common Professional Component)
  • Access to Incubator for the project and company creators in Hotel and Luxury
  • Managerial Coaching - Career Development Center
  • Pre-requisite courses for students with no prior background in Management. Pre-requisite courses in: Management, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, and Management Information Systems.
  • Ateliers / workshops
  • Career days - recruitment day
  • Application form and test are included in the annual fees.



Financement Financement

Plusieurs dispositifs permettent de faire financer le coût d’une formation :

CPF - Compte Personnel de Formation

Depuis le 1er Janvier 2015, les Droits à la Formation ont changé, un nouveau moyen d’accès à la formation a été mis en place par le biais du CPF Compte Personnel de Formation qui a désormais remplacé le DIF droit individuel à la Formation. Les salariés ne perdent pas leurs droits et les heures de DIF que vous avez cumulées pendant vos années de travail et que vous n’avez pas utilisées pourront être toujours utilisées. Ce compte individuel permet d’acquérir des heures afin de suivre une formation éligible à ce dispositif. Pour en savoir plus :

Le CIF (Congé Individuel de Formation)

Il permet de suivre une formation de 1 an à temps plein, ou 1200 heures à temps partiel, et de retrouver son poste ou un poste équivalent à son issue. L’organisme financeur prend en charge entre 80 % et 90 % du salaire (et jusqu’à 100 % si celui-ci est inférieur à deux fois le SMIC). Il peut aussi rembourser les frais de formation, de transport et d’hébergement, dans leur intégralité ou en partie, selon des règles qu’il a déterminées. L’employeur peut décider de financer (ou non) la rémunération et les frais restants.

Le Plan de Formation de l’Entreprise

Tous les salariés, quelle que soit la nature de leur contrat de travail, peuvent bénéficier d’un plan de formation mais celui-ci n’est pas un droit.

Les périodes de professionnalisation

Il vise l’obtention d’une certification : diplôme, titre, action de formation professionnalisante ou qualification reconnue par votre branche professionnelle. La durée est variable. Il est possible d’inclure les heures de DIF en complément. Elle est basée sur l’alternance, avec des séquences théoriques en centre de formation et des phases d’application professionnelle dans votre entreprise. Elle peut se dérouler pendant le temps de travail, ou pour tout ou partie en dehors (journées de RTT, par exemple), dans la limite de 80 heures par an. Les heures de formation effectuées en dehors du temps de travail, sont rémunérées par l’employeur à hauteur de 50 % de la rémunération nette de référence. Pendant les heures de travail, le salaire est maintenu normalement.

Prêts bancaires à taux préférentiels

Des prêts bancaires à taux préférentiels peuvent être accordés dans le cadre des formations CMH:

  • L'école dispose d'un partenariat privilégié avec le LCL pour un financement privilégié au taux de 2,02% TAEG.
  • Les étudiants peuvent financer leurs études à 1,20% TAEG et bénéficier d’autres avantages avec le Bouquet Liberté : Franchise d’agios, Sécur’Média, E-carte Bleue, Service retraits déplacés à l’international et beaucoup plus de privilèges exclusifs à découvrir sur le dépliant de la Caisse d’Epargne.
  • D'autre part, vous pouvez faire appel à la plateforme web De l'élaboration de votre dossier à la recherche des meilleures offres bancaires, financetesetudes vous assiste tout au long du processus de prêt.

Demandeur d’emploi

Actions de formation financées par l’Etat, le Conseil Régional, ou le régime d’assurance chômage (Plan d’action pour le retour à l’emploi et Projet d’action personnalisé – PARE-PAP)

Le CMH et ses partenaires se réservent le droit de modifier les programmes selon l’actualité professionnelle.