MBA Bac + 5

Our MBA programs meet European (Bac + 5) and international standards and are the most well-known degrees in International Hospitality, Tourism and Luxury Brands.

The programs are taught in French and English

MBA - Master of Business Administration is the only Business Management degree recognized internationally to Bac+5 / Bac+6 (5 to 6 years after secondary education)

It aims to develop participants' managerial skills and to allow them to access potentially high position in France, the European Union, or internationally.

MBA objectives

  • To develop a sense of leadership, project management, leadership teams, strategic thinking and positive management
  • To define professional projects and establish career progression, through personal development sessions
  • To acquire and develop multi-skills
  • To be mobile and adaptable for international markets
  • To develop a professional network
  • And, ultimately to achieve successful professional integration!

Why choose a specialized MBA in IEMI/CMH ?

A specialised MBA is particularly valued by hotel, tourism and luxury brand companies. Taught for many years at IEMI / CMH and recognized by the profession, the MBA in management of the hotel industry, tourism and luxury brands meets the growing demand for our business partners.

Why specialize in Services industry?

By 2020, the World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that the service industry (hotels, tourism, luxury) will generate more than 300 million jobs. Prospects for development and growth are encouraging! This industry is rapidly changing, thanks to the impact of digital technologies that provide new career opportunities.


Master cycle

  • Masters of Science are specialized courses designed to allow students to broaden or deepen their skills in one or more specific areas in professional projects.
  • Choosing a Master of Science is a precise professional decision that brings high added value as it is highly sought after by employers. It also allows complete initial training courses by expertise in a specific field.

MBA assets