MBA in Communication & New Media for Hospitality & Luxury Brands

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Jacques SéguélaProgram Director:
Jacques Séguéla

Advertising consultant
President International IEMI – Paris
Executive Doctor in Communication IEMI – Paris

One year to become an expert in Communication under the mentoring of Jacques Séguéla

Our MBA in Communication and New Media offers a new approach to communication strategies to be adopted by professionals in Hospitality and Luxury Brands.

Communication within a hotel or at luxury brand establishments has become strategic and has recently evolved considerably with the development of new technologies.

The occupations in these areas have opened new paths and could cover a wide variety of industries.

MBA in Communication and New Media is intended for those who want to get a double competence and have direct application in these evolving areas. It aims to train high-level managers with knowledge in business sectors of the hospitality and Luxury Brands.

Ready for the first job:

Work-based learning: consulting and missions at international hotel chains & luxury brands to allow an immediate application of skills acquired in the training, which enables our graduates to be operational and professional at the end of their training.

MBA in Communication & NewMedia for Hospitality & Luxury Brands Management meets the needs of enteprises in the hospitality and luxury. Our graduates are recruited rapidly to a managerial level and have access to high potential positions.

Fundamental courses

Français  English Program taught in French and English

Core Courses

  • International Marketing & Consulting
  • International Project Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Economics
  • International Business Law
  • Strategic Human Resources Management
  • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
  • GMAT Training
  • Luxury Brands & Hospitality Communication
  • Global Communication
  • Communication Skills

Specializations / Majors

  • Advertising
  • Relations Publiques / Relations Presse & Events Management
  • New Media
  • Web-TV Management & Production
  • Website Communication


Specializations / Major: Advertising

Professional referee: Jacques Séguéla

  • Advertising Communication
  • E-advertising
  • Strategies in creative advertising
  • International Advertising
  • Advertising concepts

Specializations / Major: Public Relations / Press Relations & Events Management

Professional referee: Jacques Séguéla

  • Public relations
  • Role of public relations in communication
  • Press relations
  • Public relations in multimedia
  • Communication agency
  • Media planning

Specializations / Major: New Media

Professional referee: Liz Craig, CEO OneGlobe Network

  • Social Media
  • Search Marketing + Discovery Engines
  • Online reputation optimization
  • Digital IQ Concept – Hotels & Luxury
  • Engagement Innovation – brand led creative tools
  • Community Development + Management

Specializations / Major: Web-TV Management & Production

  • Creation and management of Web TV
  • Managing Web TV information
  • Managing a Web TV project
  • Create a Web TV programme
  • Legal aspects of Web TV (copyrights)
  • Web production and realisation
  • WEB TV programs

Specializations / Major : Website & Communication

  • Website Project Management
  • Environment and Web economy
  • Community Management
  • Online Reputation
  • Social media
  • Referencing
  • Augmented Reality
  • Multimedia journalism
  • Media monitoring


Program Objectives

The place of Multimedia Communication is well established for a long time, and this sector is still in constant evolution. That is why graduates, consultants and experts in multimedia communication are extremely sought after.

This program is resolutely focused towards the new technologies applied to international hotels and luxury brands.

The professions:

  • Director of multimedia communications for a hotel or a luxury brand
  • Web Marketing Manager
  • Creator and host of Web site and Web-TV
  • Community manager
  • Manager of Broad media
  • Manager of E-Reputation
  • Multimedia product manager
  • Art director
  • Mediaplanner

Study Organisation

Organisation of MBA program

Program taught in ENGLISH & FRENCH
Total duration: 12 months


  • Fundamental courses
  • Specialised courses
  • Professional Workshops & Conferences
  • Thematic seminars
  • Career development workshops
  • Management training
  • Research paper

Teaching methods:

Courses, case studies, research projects, filmed presentations, collective or individual, education is tailored to the objectives of each candidate.



Holders of Bac + 4 / Bac + 5
or equivalent foreign degree

Managerial and executive, according to the professional validation

Application :

  • Admission tests
  • Written and oral English or TOEFL tests or GMAT score
  • Motivation interview with presentation of a personal project
The program is bilingual and certified at a level Bac+5 (equivalent to 5 years post secondary), candidates must have a level in English consequently.


Work-based learning

Work-based learning

CMH offers a variety of studies to validate the Master of Business Administration.

Full-time mode:

  • 6 months of core courses and specializations, conferences, seminars and workshops at the institute in the morning
  • 6 months of European or international in-company vocational Mission
  • Research paper

Part-time mode :

  • 3 consecutive days over two times a month on weekends
  • Mission and Research paper
  • Compatible with a full-time professional activity.

Work-based learning contracts

The convention of work-based learning internship

The students integrate in a company through a long internship that allows them to maintain student's status. They gain the benefit of legal training, in proportion to the time spent in the company. The school signs a partnership agreement with the company. They thus benefit from an academic and professional experience while being compensated.

The Convention of "Classical" internship

Students join the company as part of a long-term internship. They retain student's status and are entitled to a training allowance in proportion to the time spent in the company. Tuition fees are under their responsibility and many experiences can be performed as well over the year.

Teaching methods

Teaching methods


Workshops students have the opportunity to study real cases and business situations submitted by companies, consulting firms, and by the Executive Committee either individually or in groups:

  • Case studies and synthesis workshops,
  • Experimentation and discussion,
  • Speakers from the business sector,
  • Conferences and field trips,
  • Individual coaching sessions,
  • Case studies of real cases and business situations based on the student’s personal and research project,

Workshops will offer participants the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and to develop a professional approach to their learning. Programs are designed to include a corporate environment and current event related topics (business news).

This work is generally presented to an audience including companies or consulting cabinets. A debriefing follows the presentation.

European Management Seminars

Delivered in Brussels by business leaders, University professors, Senior EU officials and personalities from the world of International Business. Conferences and Lectures are held in French and in English. Various field trips to European Institutions and Companies are organized during these seminars.

Tuition fees

Fees - MBA

1-year MBA program
annual fees 12 000 € * 

Possibility of payment in several instalments

* The fees for MBA includes:

  • The course materials in all forms
  • Access to EMC Connect, our intranet system and Hosco, a platform that links students with Hotels, Tourism and specialized companies in the field of Luxury, Events and Communication
  • Implementation of personalized relationship to work-based learning, s internships, Management training and employment in France and abroad
  • Access to our WEBTV for the realisation of Video CVs
  • Campus languages: Learning two foreign languages and the possibility of a third among seven foreign languages offered at all levels: German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
  • CPC test(Common Professional Component)
  • Access to Incubator for the project and company creators in Hotel and Luxury
  • Managerial Coaching - Career Development Center
  • Pre-requisite courses for students with no prior background in Management. Pre-requisite courses in: Management, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, and Management Information Systems.
  • Ateliers / workshops
  • Career days - recruitment day
  • The application form and the entry test are included in the annual fees.

The MBA / Executive MBA is designed for graduates of Bac + 4 / 5, Master 1 or 2, or holders of a DEA, DESS, Masters, Bachelors or the equivalent foreign degree and managers according to the validation of professional and experienced managers.

Prerequisites Management course:

Students who did not receive training in management, may be offered full or partial pre-requisite courses in: Management, marketing, accounting, economics, Management Information Systems.


  • Bank loan with preferential rates
    • The school has a privileged partnership with LCL
    • On the other hand, you can use the web platform. From a development of your application to finding the best bank offers, financetesetudes will assist you throughout the loan process.
  • Financial aid granted by FONGECIF training fund (French organization for personal leave for training) and Pôle Emploi (French unemployment insurance scheme)