EMC Campus International - Global Tour

EMC Campus International was founded in partnership with Management Consulting Firms and International Universities of various countries with whom it has special relationships.

The various agreements allow students and young professionals to conduct studies and audits of companies promoting new products and services. EMC Campus International also organizes study trips - the Global Tours – to allow students to continue their work abroad and position themselves in relation to the growing market.


EMC INTERNATIONAL CAMPUS - Brussels, is part of a network closely involving member companies in Europe, Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

The management team EMC is ensured by the International Executive Committee. Representatives of member companies and the executive committee develop the topics and the programs of the trainings meeting European and international standards. Business managers and HR managers jointly evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the training for companies and organizations.


EMC-CAMPUS in partnership with the Centre of International Management Geneva, associated companies, training centers and consulting companies operate in various sectors of the service industry, in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. The center has many specific programs, tailor-made intra-company, for a period of 2 to 8 weeks, in collaboration with companies. A company may ask resolving specific issues, or the Centre may act as a consulting company.


EMC-CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL, in partnership with management consulting firms in the U.S. have created a Vocational Training Centre to allow French and European students to participate in Business Management trainings. The teaching is delivered by academics as well as accomplished professionals within the spirit of MBA. Students participate in missions as part of their training. They are sent to New York by French and European companies. These seminars - Internship are intended to prepare the development of French and European products in the United States. At the end of their mission, students receive credits equivalent to Management. Students and American professionals are able to receive European training, which allows them to launch a business in Europe, and to integrate their education and European cultures. They may also participate in Business Seminars.


EMC CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL has signed partnership agreements with several prestigious universities, such as MGIMO University, GCMS - Commercial Management School Graduate, MESI - University of Informatics and Economics in Moscow. These agreements relate to the obtaining of dual degrees, as well as seminars, exchanges of students and teachers. EMC CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL has developed close ties partnerships with the Russian Federation since 1989, a date of the first agreement signature.


Founded with the participation of English Consulting Cabinets in finance and management, Business and Vocational Training Centers allow French companies to achieve their missions, their implementation and to establish a partnership with a UK company. Students participate in seminars as part of their training and missions on behalf of French and European companies. It is located in the heart of the City.


EMC CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL is also based in Barcelona to offer students specialized courses and seminars in International Hospitality Design, Art & Culture. With the participation of Spanish companies SMEs / SMIs and management practices, this training center is to achieve partnership agreements and distribution between France and Spain.

Professional seminars related to management, marketing and distribution allow French and Spanish business people to be partners, and to allow students to participate through French and European channels, to missions and market research.

Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang

EMC CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL has special agreements with universities in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang for exchange of students and teachers, organization of seminars and study tours. The Centre also allows French and European companies to promote their products in China and allows students to achieve professional missions and market research.

New Delhi

EMC CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL has also decided to set up in India, being convinced of the extraordinary potential of the country, particularly in the field of the service industry. The opportunities and challenges of the business environment in India are extraordinary.

Thanks to special agreements with universities in New Delhi and Mumbai, the Centre could already organize study tours and seminars. It will allow French and European companies to promote their products and services and to offer students a possibility to achieve their professional missions.