The Online MBA has been designed for active professionals who want to expand their managerial and specialized knowledge and acquire new skills.

The objectives include preparing participants for positions of directors and managers, developing their core competencies in business management, and deepening strategies such as critical thinking, communications, decision-making and Ethical Leadership that can be applied in any type of business.

Course Content

The dynamic, interactive course content deals with current topical subjects. It includes e-learning modules as well as the provision of course materials furnished by Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Participants will have access to the Bloomberg online resource center for documentation research.

The program includes regular assessments of acquired knowledge.

Program Objectives

- Develop knowledge on the fundamentals of business management 

- Apply company knowledge to the assessment, analysis and resolution of managerial problems

Focus on leadership and decision-making skills in solving business problems

Program overview

The E-MBA program is based on 6 core courses (18 ECTS credits), 2 specializations of 3 classes each and 2 courses for the writing of the Thesis (9 ECTS credits).


  • Business Communication (3 ECTS credit)
  • Management Fundamentals (3 ECTS credit)
  • Accounting, Finance and Capital Management (3 ECTS credit)
  • Economics (3 ECTS credit)
  • Marketing (3 ECTS credit)
  • Global Business (3 ECTS credit)



  • Entrepreneurism and Family Business Leadership (3 ECTS credit)
  • Organizational Leadership (3 ECTS credit)
  • Strategic Leadership (3 ECTS credit)


  • Digital Marketing for Hospitality
  • Hotel Investment Strategies
  • Luxury Brands Management

Individual Coaching

Professional Workshop

International Seminars

Consultancy Project

MBA THESIS (9 ECTS credit)

  • Research Methods and Statistics (3 ECTS credit)
  • E-MBA Thesis (6 ECTS credit)

Coaching and Career Management

 Because a career is managed like a company ... 

Personalized Professionnal Coaching

At IEMI-Executive Education, we strive to make your education a success.

That’s why we accompany you throughout your training.

Each participant is invited to analyze and reflect on the development of their professional and personal project. You will be supported and guided by a professional coach specializing in career management:

  • Personal development
  • Skills assessment
  • Specific training creation
  • Career development
  • Management of career development plan
  • Individual interviews to advise you on the definition of your project and target companies

Career Development Seminars

These seminars are designed to help participants achieve a better position based on their personal and professional aspirations

  • Take stock of professional experience
  • Self-assessment : qualities and skills, know-how, resistance to stress and conflicts
  • Understand your personality and type of career that is right for you
  • Establish long term goals to manage your career accordingly
  • Develop a medium- and long-term action plan to achieve goals
  • Identify behaviors facing stress, pressure and change

Recherche Workshops

  • Consultancy and professional assignments
  • Connecting with recrutement companies
  • CV et cover letter
  • Video CV
  • Social Media & E-Reputation
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Professional personality tests
  • Job descriptions
  • Skills Guide
  • Marketing development and CV upgrade
  • Corporate strategy of the Group’s network

Entrepreneurial Projets Leaders

Many of our participants have entrepreneurial projects and integrate our entrepreneurship incubator. They benefit from the technical, managerial, financial and legal advice of international professionals belonging to the different networks of our group.

Your project could be selected as the subject of your MBA thesis.

Admission requirements

4 year Bachelor degree+ 3 years of working experience
Master degree + 2 years of working experience
Fluency in English: TOEFL score of 75 or TOPEIC score 700 – not applicable for native English speakers

Admission Procedure

  • Complete application form
  • Tests of management with a case study
  • Presentation of a personal project
  • Interview or skype interview with one member of the Admission Department

Tuition Fees

The cost of the entire program is 15 000 euros payable by instalments
The fees do not include the international seminars organized every there months and which are optional

Consultancy project

 Consultancy Projet 

The consultancy project is the keystone of the e-MBA program. This is an opportunity for e-MBA participants to apply their knowledge and skills in a real and practical setting.

Our partners benefit from the insight and involvement of the participants. The consultancy project provides the company with an effective contribution to solving problems.

Participants are assisted by a project leader, or mentor who will oversee and direct the work and research. They will provide relevant advice and ensure that academic requirements are met.

The consultancy project is an opportunity to reflect on specific issues, as decision-makers are increasingly busy with the day-to-day management of business. It is also an opportunity for the company to evaluate potential candidates and offer jobs directly after the end of the project.

 Advantages for e-MBA students 

  • A real jump-start for the CV
  • Job prospects and hiring possibilities
  • Work directly with founders, CEO’s, business leaders
  • Use analytical skills to develop and deliver solutions
  • Practice the concepts and theories acquired during the program
  • • Make recommendations for actions that can be implemented by the company

 Professional Thesis 

The consultancy project can be the subject of the professional thesis related to the research. The professional thesis will be presented orally to a jury.