Think Tank 2014: Sharing Economy "Communication collaborative"

  • Think Tank 2014: Sharing Economy "Communication collaborative"
  • Souzan Azizian: Digital Signage – Communicate Visually
  • Sébastien Félix, Snap Traveller
  • Hugo Marchand, Snap Traveller
  • Sébastien Félix, Snap Traveller
  • Think Tank 2014: Sharing Economy "Communication collaborative"
  • T-Shirt OS

17 February 2014 - Paris Story Opéra

Sharing Economy : The theme of think tank 2014 organised by Oneglobe Network and CMH Paris – Hospitality Management School.

Think Tank 2014

Sharing of goods and services revolutionize the way we consume and becomes a subject of discussion: How technology will revolutionize our lifestyles?

Young entrepreneurs of the digital world were able to present their start ups to MBA students:

Souzan Azizian for Digital Signage
Sébatien Félix et Hugo Marchand E-marketing managers for Snap Traveller – influencers meet hotels
Biago Turmino COO of BnB Sitter
Mathieu Pollet CEO Founder Lounge Up

This TT has allowed us to discover the programmable T-shirt: T-Shirt OS !

This first programmable T-shirt by iOS application with LED display, camera, microphone, speaker controlled by your smartphone !! this t-shirt can show tweets, read music videos and take pictures!

A prototype that gave many ideas to our students!