Think tank 2012

  • Think tank 2012

The 2012 session of the annual Digital Think Tank took place on Friday, April 27th in Lutetia Hotel. Focusing on digital issues and opportunities, workshops aimed to explore digitally delivered services that transform hospitality industry and traveler experiences.

What to keep in mind?

First of all, we are in a changing world where customers want FLEXIBILITY – to choose when, where, how and why they interact with you – but also, CONSISTENCY & COHERENCY. That is why supports’ diversity has to be seen as an opportunity to deliver the same message through several different channels.

Then, do not forget that Google can be a powerful marketing partner for Hoteliers. Nowadays, Google is getting everywhere: Google +, Google Maps, Youtube and so on. It may require a lot of work and skills but it can be an efficient tool to bring people to your website. In this case, referencing is a key issue and you have to pay attention to be well referenced.


  • complete your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number)
  • embed Google map in your website
  • use right platforms to reach YOUR customers
  • think about Google +’s opportunities

Beside, MBA students and professionals had also been introduced to many different tools and apps to understand how Social Media and Digital tools can be useful in a business point of view. The Lutetia Hotel blog named Le Discret came to illustrate this statement. Dealing with what is going on in Paris’s left band, this blog combines interests to deliver contents that fit the Concord Hotels spirit.

This 2012 session ended with winners of MBA’s digital contest who introduced their apps. The application that reached a lot of success was designed to facilitate communication between guests and hotels, a digital mix of concierge & butler.

In conclusion, it appears that as hoteliers we have to use all these tools (Social Media & Digital) to deliver a more powerful message. The one that convey our story brand! However, we have to choose the right media channel to differentiate ourselves, to align with our corporate spirit and reach our core customers.