SKÅL International 80th Anniversary

  • Patrick Pourbaix, Jean-François Martin, Karine Coulanges
  • SKÅL  International 80ème  anniversaire
  • SKÅL Club Lugano
  • Laurent Queige
  • SKÅL  International 80ème  anniversaire
  • SKÅL  International 80ème  anniversaire

PARIS du 11 au 13 juillet 2014

The Skål International, founded in Paris in 1934, organized a weekend of festivities to celebrate its 80th anniversary. This association of tourism professionals representing a network of 17,000 professionals worldwide and is a platform to make business between friends.

70 international members from 19 countries enjoyed a festive program with cocktail dinner on the Seine private boat, guided city tour and gala dinner in the Montmartre picturesque.

These celebrations were presided over by Karine Coulanges World President of Skål International, the first French woman to be elected to this position and Patrick Pourbaix President of Skål Paris!

With dynamic and cheerful environment, Karine Coulanges hosted the inaugural evening on the Seine. Among the personalities in the world of tourism was present including Jean-François Martin, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of sports and tourism. He recalled that his mission was to make Paris a city which hosts the world but also one of the best in the world. Its other objectives are to promote Paris and make a city of eco tourism development.

Other professionals were honored, such as Daniel Gérard Consultant Trainer Tourism, Laurent Queige Welcome City Lab "Inventing the Future of Tourism."

An unforgettable moment for all Skål!