Pierre Gagnaire and Lucien Barrière sign the new Fouquet's cards together

  • Dominique Desseigne and Pierre Gagnaire
  • Le Fouquet's Paris

A partnership under a friendship sign were announced at a joint press conference at Fouquet's on September 23. The collaboration was a beautiful encounter between two men, Pierre Gagnaire and Dominique Desseigne, who share the same desire to promote a generous, warm and genuine "Made in France". The cards will be revisited in respect of the French culinary tradition by bringing creative thinking and "building on what exists already and is very well made," says Pierre Gagnaire. The objective is to defend the idea of a beautiful French-style brasserie with classic dishes, according to the customers' expectation.

I Like the friendly, comfortable and simple cooking that lets you look into the eyes the woman you love, without only seeing the plate!
Pierre Gagnaire

Tests were conducted during the summer at the Majestic in Cannes and the first card of this collaboration will be available for lunch on Wednesday, September 24th. This card will be available at other institutions in Paris and abroad. The dishes will naturally be adapted to each location.

We are pleased to introduce our new gourmet baby that make a great brasserie with a modern touch. Time must give in to time. It's a great challenge with our respective teams!
Dominique Desseigne

A beautiful gastronomic adventure accompanied by optimism and a win-win vision as the unifying element of friendship, without losing sight to the primary purpose of the kitchen, which is to make the customers happy.

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