Happy Birthday to our sponsor Jacques Séguéla

It's his birthday, but he's the one who gave a gift! Jacques Séguéla, sponsor of the CMH, offered MBA students his new book "Against our fears, let's change our minds! ". A book that teaches us to explore our "emotional quotient" and make room for positive emotions.

To celebrate his birthday and thank Jacques Séguéla, MBA students improvised a photo shoot. The proof in pictures.

"Against our fears, let us change our minds! "

"Fear of unemployment, terrorism, globalization, mutation, self and others ... fear invades our lives, alters our decisions, envenom our relationships. Against this paralyzing emotion, we must find an antidote.
An advertiser, Jacques Séguéla, a mirror of our time, takes the pulse of France in implosion, lists the biggest fears impacting our society and appeals to our emotional quotient (EQ). A scientist, Christophe Haag, a specialist in the brain and human behavior, examines the psychological mechanisms of fear and explains why and how to develop our EQ.
Two complementary views, one psychosociological approach, one observation: France is consumed by anguish. He must make his own Emotion Revolution. The twentieth century lived under the dictatorship of reason (and the IQ of its preceptor), generator of anguish. The 21st century will be that of QE and the positive emotions it produces, liberating energies and desires, ideas and advances. It's time to unite QE to IQ. "
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