Behind the Louis Vuitton scenes

  • Behind the Louis Vuitton scenes

30 October 2013
Visit "Eole" Logistics Center Louis Vuitton - Cergy.

Under CMH professional visits, the European Bachelor and MBA in International Hospitality and Luxury Brands students were received by Stephen Fallon, Director of Logistics. Then the students were able to go to the "Eole" warehouse accompanied by Antoine Ferreira, Head Eole and Florent Noguier, the stocks and Process Manager of Eole center. The visit was followed by the SAV repair and service department.

An opportunity to better understand.

This global logistics hub is quite suitable for the development of Louis Vuitton products ranging from trunk to scarves to jewelry. This storage building is automated, highly secured and discrete. It is a question of image!
Louis Vuitton is something mythical, that makes you dream!

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