Teaching methods

Seminars, Workshops & Conferences

Seminars, workshops & conferences are updated each year according to the latest professional developments. Here, we are presenting some examples of the latest activities:

  • Generating creativity
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing time
  • Boost your profile
  • Ecological and equitable food practices
  • Organising a trade fair
  • Trends in tourism
  • Careers in production
  • E marketing for tourism / social networking
  • Press relations and advertising in tourism
  • Distribution and tour operators strategy
  • Yield management
  • Digitalizing / stocking and securing documents online.
  • Innovation management
  • Personal and professional development
  • Community management
  • Training media

Professional meetings

Meeting & events consultant
Experts talks of EMC-Campus-TV, some examples of recorded talks:

  • Alain Nemark, CEO of MAUBOUSSIN
  • Claire Bacquart and Catherine Kokoreff, Scientipole initiative
  • Dana Thomas on How Luxury Lost its Luster
  • Alain Joannes
  • Jacques Seguela

Personalized coaching & Career development

Because a career is managed like a business...

Our objective: students' success

We strive for our students to experience complete success both professionally as well as in their personal development.

Each participant is accompanied and guided in their choice from the beginning of the course by a professional coach specializing in career management.

  • Career management
  • Personal development
  • Identification of skills
  • Establishment of training path
  • Elaboration of career
  • Managing a career plan
  • Group dynamic

Career development seminars

They aim to help the participants to achieve a better position, especially in terms of their personal and professional aspirations:

  • Updating professional experiences
  • Self assessing: qualities and skills, know-how, resistance to stress and conflict
  • Understanding one's personality and the type of suitable career
  • Identifying long-term goals to manage career
  • Developing an action plan for a medium and long term objectives
  • Identifying attitudes to stress, pressure and change

Career Council & Development department

Helps the participants to define their projects and build a career plan throughout their studies and job search.

  • Tools and techniques of research for training and employment, in French and English
  • Job description
  • Competency guide
  • Internship offers & professional mission
  • Placed by our placement service
  • CV and motivational letter
  • Video CV
  • Interview techniques
  • Individual interview to advise, define project and target a company
  • Marketing development, upgrading European-type CV
  • Business strategy of Group's network.