The international Entrepreneurship passport

We designed an "Entrepreneurship passport" for our students, a tool for project leaders helping them to achieve their ambitions.

The aim of the program:

  • developping the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants
  • optimizing creativity,
  • refining the analytical skills of candidates,
  • leading for rapid decision making
  • providing the necessary tools for process creation, management and business development or their project.

Le CMH provides an opportunity for students to obtain a passport (certification) of "Entrepreneurship in Hospitality & Luxury Brands Management" by participating, in parallel with their studies, to the specific following program:

  • Business creation
  • Project management
  • Business Plan
  • Marketing Management & Communication of a new business
  • Funding & Grants
  • International development
  • Many creative workshops or international development projects allow the participants to develop their entrepreneurial spirit
  • Business diagnostic and case studies
  • Business simulation games
  • Research project creation
  • Meetings, conferences and debates with entrepreneurs

Personal projects

Projects are considered, analyzed and developed. Each student will carry out the business plan, strategic plan development, and defend the project before a jury of professionals.
Project leaders are coached and guided throughout the realization of their objectives.

ECMU grant for creation

ECMU – European Corporate Management University - Brussels, our program partner rewards the best creative projects and accompanies the selected entrepreneurs on the first year of the development.