CMH Paris - International Hospitality Management Center

The mission of CMH is to prepare a "new generation of hoteliers" with operational and managerial skills and who are able to deal with the new developments of high-end hotels and luxury brands.

CMH graduates are well equipped for positions in the rapidly changing hospitality and luxury environnments assuring future career success.

Alain Hermelin
Alain Hermelin, Founder
President and Managing Director

A career in International Hospitality is a real challenge. Becoming a "Director of a hotel" is often a dream that can be accessed with perseverance and ambition by acquiring managerial and human qualities!

CMH won for the third time the "Worldwide Hospitality School Award" for "Best Pedagogical Innovation".

The "Worldwide Hospitality School Award" was awarded by two juries: the first was composed of 20 "Top Executives" of International Hotel groups, and the second was Business and Communication personalities. The award was also subjected to a public vote during the ceremony.

In 2011, the prize was awarded to CMH for the preparation of the next generation in Hospitality for the jobs that do not exist yet.

In 2012, Pedagogical Innovation refers to the student's training on their future job search, by teaching them the tools needed to create their e-reputation on the internet, a new Hospitality recruitment tool today.

In 2015, CMH won with 'The digitalist! The peer to peer program for tomorrows hoteliers.

  • 97% of students were employed after the training.
  • 82 % of students work in the field of International Hospitality industry.
  • 70% of students hold a managerial position.

Our group develops exchanges and establishments of Vocational Training Centers in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, China and Russia, in partnership with companies and universities abroad.

The future of the hotel sector :

By 2020, the World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that the Hospitality and Tourism sector will generate over 300 million jobs.

The prospects are encouraging! "Hospitality and Tourism" are the main industries that create employment internationally. The prospects of growth and development are evident and are changing rapidly due to the impact of new technologies, by offering new career opportunities.

There is a wide range of work opportunities in Hotels and Restaurants, as well as many other industries such as, to name a few, travel, para-hospitality, health and well-being professions. These sectors continue to diversify and evolve, by offering a wide range of career opportunities.

CMH assets

The power of a network

  • More than 1 600 partner companies
  • Graduates work at top management positions in the 5 continents
  • Lecturers from the largest International universities
  • Referents professionals recognized for their expertise
  • A network of 750 universities worldwide
  • International partnerships with institutes in Russia, China, Brazil, Mexico, India, UAE and USA
  • Vocational Training Centers in Europe, Asia, China and Russia in partnership with companies and Universities

Our strengths:

Innovative and reactive teaching, programs with a combination of the latest International Management methods and a tradition of excellence in Hotel and Luxury Brands.

Direct application in industry, with internships and management trainings, to allow students to quickly integrate theoretical and application techniques and be fully operational by the end of their training.

A high-level Faculty, from major American and European universities, international experts and professionals in their fields.

A personalized coaching with a professional coaching-management, with which the participants set their career plans and personal development.

A multicultural environment, with over 41 nationalities represented, allowing participants to interact and to get to know not only the language but also the culture and mindset.

Work based learning allows the candidates to practice a part-time work starting from the second year, and a full-time based for MBA students.

A bilingual French / English teaching, allows real bilingualism

A European and international recognition of degrees

Our programs European Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Management and MBA in International Hospitality and Luxury Brand Management are accredited by:

ECBE ECBE – European Council for Business Education

Our programs Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management and MBA in International Hospitality and Luxury Brand Management are accredited by:

ACBSP ACBSP – Accrediting Council for Business Schools and Programs, that gives CMH European and International recognition, to enable our students to do a semester abroad at one of the 750 partner universities of the ACBSP-ECBE-ECMU network and to validate a double degree.

"Educating future decision makers at the highest level of International Management of Hospitality, Tourism and Luxury Brands, is the challenge of CMH for 40 years"

Alain Hermelin