CMH - IEMI co-branding

The alliance of two Business Schools of excellence in the fields of International Management, Hotel and Luxury Brands Management

CMH - European Center of International Hotel Management and IEMI - European Institute of International Management have teamed up to offer the best of their expertise for 40 years in the field of training in Management and International Business leaders.

Logo IEMI - CMHCMH, recognized in the fields of Hospitality, Tourism, Luxury, and Communication,
IEMI, International recognition in the Business world.

  • The excellence of two Business Schools in their respective fields of expertise
  • A multi-skills strategy in International Management
  • 40 years in International Training
  • European and American accredited degrees
  • 750 partner universities worldwide
  • A network of more than 1 500 partner companies
  • Graduates at top Management positions in five continents
  • Lecturers from top International universities
  • Advisory commitee recognized for its expertise
  • A campus in downtown Paris, at the heart of a Business district

Our group develops exchanges and establishment of Vocational Training Centers in EuropeEastern Europe, Asia, China and Russia, in partnership with companies and universities abroad.

Our strength:

  • Innovative and reactive teaching
  • Regularly updated programs according to the latest professionalism.
  • A high level faculty members
  • A personalized professional coaching
  • A multicultural environment
  • A bilingual French / English teaching
  • Most importantly, our group focuses on the work-based learning - internships or missions - which allows an immediate practice of knowledge and an easy immersion in the business world.

"Educating future decision makers at the highest level of International Management, that is our vocation for 40 years"