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Innovative pedagogical method : Marshmallow Challenge !

During their management class CMH 3 students participated to the Marshmallow Challenge !

The task is simple: in eighteen minutes, teams must build the tallest free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow. The marshmallow needs to be on top.
Surprising lessons emerge when you compare teams’ performance.

CMH une visite à l’hôtel le Fouquet’s
As part of the professional workshops, 10 students of 1st year Bachelor visited Le Fouquet's Barrière hotel.
An opportunity to discover a very Parisian Palace.
Rencontres Professionnelles 2017/2018

As part of the 2017/2018 Professional Meeting, the CMH received Caroline Fontaine, Human Resources Manager, accompanied by Morgane Ollivier.

5th International Scientific Conference
All about people: Interdisciplinarity, Transnationality and Building Bridges

It's his birthday, but he's the one who gave a gift! Jacques Séguéla, sponsor of the CMH, offered MBA students his new book "Against our fears, let's change our minds! ". A book that teaches us to explore our "emotional quotient" and make room for positive emotions. 

Lola, a first-year student, takes us with her to the Wine Tasting Lab this week. During this workshop, the students met the oenologist Gabrielle Vizzavona, who came to explain how to make wine and learn how to taste it.

I joined the CMH in 2011, in MBA1. I specialize in International Hospitality Management and Luxury Brands Management and International Business Entrepreneurship. Today, I am at the head of "L'Oiseau Blanc Luxury Hospitality", a company offering luxury services.

Direction La Mascotte, Luxury brewery in Montmartre ... Yesterday, first year students were there to discover the table dressing. After some explanation, they quickly switched to practice. Back on this very eventful morning.

The students discovered the «Culture café» at the Caféothèque of Paris. A place that will inspire them because it is in images, and even in poetry, that they share with us this visit. And the big winners of the photo contest are ...

Monday, November 7, Caroline Korody, head of school relations HYATT France came to present the Hyatt Group and meet the students European Bachelor in Hotel & Tourism Management CMH.