Professional certification Level I (FR) - RNCP

Professional certification

The title of "Director of luxury establishment in the field of Hospitality" is a professional certification Level 1 (Fr), NSF code 334p (Bac+5) and level 7 (EU) registered by RNCP of the Ministerial decree on 5 April 2012, published in the Journal Officiel on 14/04/2012

This professional certification is available through the VAE system.

RNCP Level 1 certification will help to facilitate access to employment and professional mobility. RNCP certifications are recognized in France.

CMH International Hospitality Management School – aims to train professionals and young professionals to work in International hotels with competitive skills.

The professional certification of "Director of luxury establishment in the field of Hospitality" is registered at the National Register of Professional trainings at Level 1 (equivalent to a Bac+5).

CMH  has proved that students are employed very quickly with the salary levels and the career path corresponding to a growing industry and meeting the criteria of required skills.

Procedure to obtain the professional certification

TOEFL score : 75 points minimum
Internships & Missions: internships, missions or employment must match the targeted jobs
Research paper: the thesis subject also refers to the targeted profession
Skills acquired:
  • Administrative and financial management of a luxury hotel
  • Business development and investment management
  • Conception of a quality environment - luxury marketing strategy
  • Strategic Hospitality Management
  • Human resources & personnel management
  • Customer relationship management and event communication